Refugee problems have over the years been taken for granted. It is because of this reason that the problem of refugees all over the world is ignored by most people and refugees in Kenya are no different. Such ignorance has made their lives harder and unbearable. However, with the rise of technological advancements, it has become easier for people to offer their helping hands to these minority groups.

One of such platforms is Ushahidi, which has played a huge role in solving this problem. Ushahidi is a nonprofit technological company whose aim is to give the marginalised communities a platform to voice their concerns and come together as a community. Hence be listened to and get a better response.

Required Documents

The platform offers an opportunity for anyone interested to join the platform. Furthermore, to become a full member, you have to submit a series of personal details that will help in voicing individual concerns. You will be required to avail:

● The country originally from
● Employment status
● The current living situation

How to cancel subscription

Situations get better over time and you may need to change your status in the platform. This may call for the cancellation of accounts. You can easily do this by contacting customer service, who will take you through the process step by step. Remember that the details that you had ealier filled in will not be used in other public forums.

List of similar companies to subscribe to

Similarly, there are other alternative companies to Ushahidi that can help voice your concerns. Some of these companies include:

● Geopointe
● BathGeo
● Google Maps