The world is turning to green energy, and Bulb Energy is at the centre of this revolution. They supply renewable solar, wind and hydroelectricity at affordable rates to homes in the United Kingdom. Bulb Energy also produces carbon free gas, which makes it eco-friendly. Such investment makes the company one of the top players in green energy in the United Kingdom.

As the world climate experts urge people to reduce carbon emission, Bulb Energy has such projects worldwide. They buy energy from renewable generators and supply it to homes. There is a Bulb Energy application that helps the user to monitor its usage. In essence, it is easy to use and manage the service. Sign up today and enjoy one of the cheapest and safest energy distribution services.

Benefits of Bulb Energy

● One of the cheapest sources of green energy in the United Kingdom.
● It is 100% safe since it emits 0% carbon to the atmosphere.
● It is ranked at 4.6 out of 5 by Trustpilot, a popular consumer review platform.
● Easy to acquire as it takes about 2 minutes to get feedback in connectivity and management.
● They handle all paper work, including exit fees, if you want to switch to Bulb Energy.

Required Personal/Business Details when Signing Up on Bulb Energy

● Personal identification documents for home use. For businesses, they need all registration documents and identification details for the business owner.
● If you’re switching from another energy provider, give in the meter number for the exit process.
● Bulb Energy also needs your postcode for communication. They can send a quote to potential clients or any other mailed information to your doorstep.
● You need to download the Bulb Energy Application on Apple Store or Google ● Play for easier meter management. It helps you manage your electricity expenditure anywhere, any time.

How to Unsubscribe to Bulb Energy

The process of leaving Bulb Energy starts when you sign up with another electricity supplier. The new supplier will send Bulb Energy the final reading, which they will use to invoice the final bill.

It takes at most 6 weeks to get the final bill. Either you or the new energy supplier can pay, based on their terms and conditions. Bulb Energy urges its customer not to cancel their credit card from which they can deduct their final dues or process refunds.

If the amount is more than your average month’s usage, Bulb Energy can process it in 2 instalments.

However, if the reason for unsubscribing is relocation, indicate it in the Bulb Energy Application. The company can help set up the service wherever you are going, as long as it is within its grid.

If you want to come back, there are no restrictions.

List of Similar Companies

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