Marie Stopes is an organization that offers medical services worldwide. Their first clinic was opened in 1976 and by now they have working clinics in 37 countries. Marie Stopes was UK’s first contraceptive clinic.

Currently, they offer contraceptive and safe abortion across the world. You can visit their official website and check out their services. Alternatively, you can visit one of their local clinics within your area.

How to unsubscribe, all the cancellation procedures available

Luckily, Marie Stopes International is open to all customers from across the world and you don’t need any subscriptions to use their services. Just head to their website, go over their services and feel free to reach them for any service you need.

Required documents/personal details and all contact details of the company

Marie Stopes doesn’t require you to subscribe to anything for you to access their services. Thus, you won’t need to show any documents at any given time. You will however need to provide them with your personal details before you seek any of their services. These details include:
● Your full name
● Age
● Residence
● Contact number
● Next of Kin

Marie Stopes Contact Details

Telephone Numbers
England, Scotland & Wales 0345 300 8090
Northern Ireland 0333 234 2184
Ireland 1 800 200 374
International +44 345 300 2352
Email them via the “Get in Touch” link on the website
Read through the FAQ section

List of similar companies to subscribe to

Marie Stopes International offers various reproductive health services to millions of people worldwide. Their services are more client-specific. There are no clinics offering similar services to Marie Stopes but you can visit other clinics that offer gynaecologic and obstetric services around your area.