Qemistry is a unique dating app with millions of profiles and single users ready to mingle. The dating app offers a variety of services while focusing on bringing personality into the spotlight. Qemistry profiles are based on short videos, allowing users to express who they are so other clients get to know them better.

Qemistry allows a more fun dating experience and matches singles according to their personality. The app gives you a meaningful connection as well as better dates. Nevertheless, it is not surprising for users to cancel their subscription for different reasons, maybe to try another dating site.

Benefits of subscribing to Qemistry

Qemistry gives you a fun dating experience by allowing clients to put short video clips expressing themselves on their profiles. These videos give other singles an idea of your personality so you get to match with someone who matches your preference.

You also get to know people you fancy via personal details like height, city and politics. Besides, you can comment and like on other profiles and even match those you wish to date. Qemistry offers instant messaging services which make it easy for you to chat with other potential dates you match with.

They also provide a student mode option that allows students enrolled on universities to chat, date and match with their classmates. Again, you can filter your age, location as well as gender to fit your preferences. It is also free to download, install and use the app.

How to unsubscribe from Qemistry

Qemistry allows you to cancel your subscription for whatever reasons. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do it on the app. Look for the title subscriptions on your account page and click it to see all your current and past subscriptions. You will have the option to unsubscribe and with just one click, you are done with the cancellation.

Personal details and all Qemistry contact details

Just like any dating site, you need to fill your profile with personal details like age, gender and location. Besides, users are required to include emergency contact details on their profile.

Alternative dating sites to subscribe to

The dating industry is growing every day and new competitors are joining in. Apart from Qemistry, there are other amazing dating platforms, which allow you to mingle with other singles. They offer amazing services similar to Qemistry and you only need to register for you to access their services. After registration, create an interesting and eye-catching profile that includes your personal details, including your age, gender and location.

You will still enjoy the matching services, instant messaging and other fun dating services. Besides, you get to explore different dating features on other dating sites and have a new experience. Some of the best dating alternatives to Qemistry include:

● AsianSpace

● Boytaq

● Kilig

● TotallyXoXo

● LoveChemistry