Hitting the gym with consistency is not as easy as it appears. There is a lot to be considered to get what works for you regarding location, rates, and the services you need. Hussle, a company located in the UK, offers a solution.

Hussle partners with a good number of gyms in the UK; therefore, they can provide passes for a gym of your choice as long as it is in partnership with Hussle. They offer different packages, including monthly passes, day passes, and corporate passes. The latter is specific to employees of a given company, the second package to individuals who may be inconsistent with their gym sessions, and the first to people who work out religiously.

Benefits of Subscribing to Hussle

A contract with Hussle comes with the following benefits:

Flexibility. You can choose any gym, anywhere, anytime within the UK. This means that you are not inconvenienced at all if you cannot afford a sedentary lifestyle.

Variety. Hussle has partnered with all types of gyms across the UK, from boutique gyms, cross-fit gyms, powerlifting gyms, personal training gyms, and many more.

You get to enjoy membership benefits such as free or discounted classes on health and fitness.

Cancellation process

Having made a contract with Hussle, you can opt-out when you feel the need to. There are terms to meet to ensure your cancellation goes smoothly.

Return the Model Cancellation form or contact customer care to inform them of the intended cancellation.

If it is a monthly pass or a corporate pass, it is recommended that you cancel within the first 14 days of the subscription.

A refund process will commence, and the amount refunded depends on the number of days you have used the pass in that month. The amount charged in a day will be multiplied by the number of days you have visited the Partner Venue then deducted. The remaining amount is then refunded.

Canceling will do away with any additional benefits associated with the pass.
You are advised to cancel as early as possible and as late as two days before your monthly renewal date.

If you are having trouble of any kind, contact customer care at [email protected] to get assistance.

Required documents and personal details and contact details of the company

Documents and personal details of the customer

There are a few documents and information required from you to make a successful registration. You are first required to download the Hussle application or visit their website to register. The following information is required:

● Your ID number or passport
● Your address
● Emergency contact details
● Details of a preferred payment method
● You will also be required to sign a health questionnaire.

Company’s contacts

Their offices are located at Scott House, The Concourse Tog( The Office Group), 2nd floor, suite 2.12-2.15, Waterloo station, London, England SE17LY. You can also get to them by mail or phone through [email protected] and 02086291778, respectively.

Similar Companies

Hussle has a good number of competitors that you can opt for. They include:

● Strydal
● Wodify
● Entrenarme
● AimFit