Oxfam is a global movement featuring millions of people who are working together to end poverty. The movement aims to end poverty by tackling specific elements like ending hunger, providing safe and clean water for all, fighting climate change worldwide, and currently, tackling the CoronaVirus. Oxfam also fights for equality for women globally. The organization is also keen on health and education and the significant role it plays in ending poverty.

Oxfam seeks to promote health and education by donating to establishing schools in the poorest parts of the world. The organization also helps build and equip schools where students can attend for free. Additionally, Oxfarm responds to disasters and crises around the world. For instance, the organization offers disaster relief services to individuals that have been affected by various disasters.

How to cancel Oxfam

You can cancel your donations to Oxfam by calling them on the number indicated above. You can also submit a request by filling a standard inquiry form found on the About Us form under “Contact Us” and “Regular Giving.”

If you make donations by standing order, you have to ensure the cancellation is also made on your end.

Required documents and personal details

Anyone can become a member of Oxfam. Becoming a member means that you will be volunteering your time to providing services and working on specific courses. To become a member, you need personal details like your name, preferred pronoun, address, date of birth, email, gender, and emergency contact. It would help if you also had references. You can also become a regular donor to the movement. To cancel membership, you do not need any personal documents. However, you will need to provide your personal information like name, address, and the shop you volunteer to.

All contact details of the company

UK phone number – 03002001300
Overseas phone number – 4401865472602
Email – [email protected]
Address Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX OX42JY

Alternatives to Oxfam

Other companies with similar causes are:

● Redcross
● Merlin (Medical Relief International)