Hinge is an online dating app that was established and launched in 2012. It was launched at around the same time as some of the most popular dating sites like Tinder. Therefore, the company worked hard to set itself apart from the competition. Hinge was designed to not only help singles meet but also to help them connect in person. This is a common issue with most dating apps, and Hinge’s mission is to change this.

Hinge initially worked in the same way as Tinder, which is by encouraging members to swipe through a vast number of profiles. However, to set itself apart from Tinder and other similar dating apps, Hinge started pairing users with friends on social media accounts like Facebook. Currently, the official Hinge Website indicates “ Designed to be deleted.” Therefore, most members are deleting and canceling the app.

Benefits of subscribing to Hinge

Before you delete or cancel your subscription, below are some benefits of the dating app that you should know:

● One of the primary benefits that Hinge boasts of is its unique interface. The app features a user-friendly interface with images to help clients navigate the features effortlessly. The interface is also unique compared to its counterparts.
● The app also has an impersonal feel that makes it easy to avoid a person that you do not want to encounter or associate with.
● Hinge initially used the swiping technique. However, in 2015, it dropped the design and began encouraging users to pick dates basing on their personality traits and not just photos. Therefore, this is a benefit because it enables users to look beyond their potential matches’ physical characteristics.
● Hinge collects more personal data than its counterparts. Doing this allows people to empathize with the traits that are most important to them
● The Hinge app uses an excellent algorithm to help you find more personalized and suitable matches.

How to cancel Hinge

You can permanently delete your Hinge account effortlessly using the steps below:

● Log into your account
● Tap on settings
● Tap on account or profile
● Tap on Delete
● Confirm

You can do this through the app or official website. When you do this, all your information will be wiped, and other members will no longer be able to see your profile.

Alternatively, you can choose only to cancel your subscription to Hinge. You can do this by:

● Going to your subscriptions page
● Tap on Hinge
● Tap on cancel subscription

Personal information required to cancel Hinge

Canceling Hinge does not require any personal documents or a lot of personal information. All you need is to prove your identity. You can do this by entering your email address and current password. Therefore, with your email and password, you can proceed to cancel your subscription or delete your account effortlessly.

Contact information

Hinge currently does not offer any personal contact information like phone numbers or email addresses. It also does not indicate its official physical address. However, members can communicate by filling a form on the official website or app’s contact page.

Alternatives to Hinge

Below are some Hinge alternatives you can consider:

● Bumble
● Tinder
● Lumen
● Elite Singles