Google Cloud is a service by Google Inc. that provides developers with a graphical user interface that is web-based and is used to manage projects such as android app development. The Google Cloud service also provides developers with other resources to enhance their respective projects.

When you sign up on the Cloud Console, you can start a new project and use the resources provided in the context of your new project. Further, the Cloud Console is free within specific monthly usage limits. Upon expiring this time frame, the user is charged a fee to continue using the Console. However, you can choose to opt out from Google Cloud.

Required Documents when Cancelling and Contact details of Google Cloud

Attempting to cancel Google Cloud is a walk in the park. The only documents you will require are:

• Cloud Billing account login information
• Customer information (full names, address etc.)
• Google User Account information- only applicable if you signed up using your Google user account, e.g. Gmail, YouTube.

Contact details of Google Cloud

They have numerous contact details depending on your area of residence. Here is the number to call if you are in the United States; 1-855-817-0841 or 0-800-026-0639 in the UK. Alternatively, you can visit for any queries you may have or any other services.

How to Unsubscribe from Google Cloud and all the procedures available

Closing your Google Cloud account is easy. Here are a few steps you could follow:

• On the Google Cloud console, sign in to the ‘Manage billing accounts page.’
• You must then proceed to choose the name of the billing account that you want to cancel
• Thirdly, select’ Account Management’ right there on the billing navigation menu.
• It will open a new window to select the ‘Close billing account’ option to unsubscribe from Google Cloud successfully.
Alternatively, call their toll free numbers available on and get in touch with a customer service agent who will assist you.

Similar Companies to Subscribe to

Numerous companies offer similar services like Google Cloud. Here are some companies that may interest you:

• Backblaze
• DigitalOcean Spaces
• Azure Blob Storage
• Amazon Simple Storage Service
• Zadara.