Partners in Health is a social justice organization ready to serve and provide high-quality health care worldwide to those in need. The organization aims at easing suffering by offering a comprehensive care model, which includes housing, transportation, food and other essentials of healing.

Partners in health believe that all life matters and focus on providing modern medicine to anyone who has suffered injustices of the world both in the past and present. Anyone who is not satisfied with their services is allowed to unsubscribe.

How to unsubscribe from Partners in Health

If you want to stop receiving communication or you want to unsubscribe from Partners in Health, you can easily do so by visiting and following all instructions to unsubscribe.

Alternatively, follow the unsubscribe directions, which are always included at the bottom of every email they send to you. Once you complete the unsubscribe instructions, you are free and can join any similar program of your choice.

Personal details and contact details of Partners in Health

Anyone who wishes to be part of the Partners in Health Program’s beneficiaries should complete the application form on their website by filling in all the relevant details.

Partners in Health contact details

You can call the central office to get contact information for your coordinator. You can also contact the family support coordinator in your locality to fill the application and talk about your family needs and child concerns. For further assistance, call the organization via their free information line (800) 656-3333; TDD access (800) 735-2964. Alternatively, contact them using their address 129 Pleasant Street, Thayer Building.

Alternative programs to Partners in Health

There are other amazing programs that offer similar services to Partners in Health. You can check them and try them out. Some of them include;

● The Max Foundation

● Alima

● Project Hope

● IMA World Health