Since its establishment in 2013, Happn has grown into one of the most prominent dating apps in the world. Happn made it easy to join and find a match without having to answer tons of questions.

Typically, Happn alerts you when you’ve crossed paths. After crossing the path with the person, they are added to the top of your app feed. Therefore, the person you match with will be near you, making it easy for you to hook up.

The app is accessible on iOS and Android, and it has over 100,000 users. Using their premium service comes with many perks, but it is still normal to cancel your subscription. Luckily, the process is fast and easy. This article will address the steps for cancelling the Happn subscription.

Benefits of Happn

Chances of encounters are very high:
Unlike traditional dating apps like and Tinder, Happn provides you with a chance to meet someone again. After all, it brings the profiles of persons you’ve already met on the feed. For most people, this feels more exciting than meeting someone for the first time.

It is hard for bots and scammers to make accounts with Happn:
Unfortunately, the online dating world is full of scammers and bot accounts. Since creating a Happn account always require a valid Facebook account, creating fake profiles slightly more challenging.

Connecting is more fun:
When you know that you are meeting someone who’s probably from your area, it is easier to come up with exciting pickup lines. Furthermore, you can send voice notes or Spotify songs if you are not into texting.

Video calls:
With Happn premium, you can make video calls up to five times per day. The video call can last for up to one hour. Many people find video calls much more fun than normal calls, which is a plus.

How to cancel Happn Subscription

If you try Happn and are not impressed or just want to try other options, you can always cancel your subscription. The procedure is a little different on each platform.

How to cancel Happn on Android

● Sign in to the Google account linked to Happn and visit Google Playstore.

● Click on the menu of your Playstore and choose subscriptions.

● Choose Happn and tap on cancel subscriptions.

● Finish as directed and you won’t be charged in the following months.

How to cancel Happn on iPhone

● Open the Happn app and go to settings.

● Tap subscriptions.

● If the tab is not there, tap on Appstore or iTunes; then, click on your Apple ID, sign in, and find the subscriptions button.

● Tap on Happn and cancel your subscription to the dating app.

How to cancel Happn on the official website

● Sign in to your Happn account through the website.

● Contact Happn through the help page and tell them you want to cancel your subscription.

● They will walk you through the process of cancelling the subscription.

Alternatives to Happn

The beauty of online dating is that you will never run out of dating sites and apps. Some fantastic alternatives to Happn include:
● Zodiac Date
● Steper
● Plenty of Fish
● Prospr
● Dateist