How to Cancel Aviva International Insurance Limited

Do you have a motor vehicle that needs to be covered? Then Aviva International Insurance Limited is the best company to contact. Besides providing premium services at affordable rates, the company has straightforward terms of operation that are easy to adhere to.

However, if you have found an alternative company and would wish to end your subscription, you can easily do that on the insurer’s website. We have shared the details with you in this post.

How to unsubscribe

To stop the auto-renewal, these are the easy steps you are supposed to follow:

Login to the website, move down to the “Notifications” section, and then click on the “Cancel Renewal link.” The company has a 28-day auto-renewal cycle, but you can easily stop the auto-renewal by accessing your MyAviva website if you are not there.

If you would like to opt-in or out of the system, here are the steps you should follow:

Login to the website, move down to the “My Policies” section, find the exact insurance policies you are looking to change, and select “Change policy.” From there, click on “Edit automatic renewal”.

Required documents

When signing up for the services of the company, there are certain details you need to provide. You will be asked to issue your car’s registration details, the miles it will be covering, and whether it has some safety features.

If you have installed any of the recommended features, you will be requested to show proof of that. The model and make of your car must also be revealed before the company can cover it.

When ending the contract with Aviva International Insurance Ltd, you will submit the same details for the process to be completed.

Similar companies to subscribe to:

● AIG Europe
● Bupa
● Direct Line Group