The Wikimedia Foundation is a popularly known charity organization founded to support volunteers who ensure open knowledge and content is created and made available to all. Wikimedia’s most popular project is Wikipedia, whose main aim is to ensure that all humans can share knowledge at ease.

The non-profit organization has a large community of skilled volunteers who offer their time to develop activity programs, edit existing projects, and even train those interested in volunteering in the foundation. The foundation boasts huge support from donors who believe providing open knowledge to the world makes a difference.

Benefits of subscribing to the Wikimedia foundation

● You support the various projects that help provide open knowledge to all humans. This is very helpful to you as a subscriber.

● Wikipedia, a wiki foundation project, will enable you to have access to hidden public archives for the first time.

Since the Wikipedia foundation is a charity organization, it does not include adverts in its many projects to get support for its volunteers. The foundation solely depends on subscription and donations since it does not also receive any funding from the state.

How to unsubscribe and all the cancellation procedures from the Wikimedia foundation membership

Due to reasons best known to the members, one may cancel and stop contributing or donating. For this reason, the Wikimedia Foundation has provided simple steps that one can use to cancel their services. Since there are many ways to donate to them, they provide different cancellation ways depending on the type of donation method one has been using. Below are some of the ways.


Like other foundations, Wikimedia provides an email address for members and donors to provide information about donations and other matters concerning contributions. One can use the same email to send their notice to cancel their Wikimedia foundation subscription. Whether you are donating through PayPal, credit or debit card, or any other method provided by the Wikipedia Foundation, the email to be used when sending a cancellation notice is [email protected].

Through telephone

The telephone number (415) 839-6885 is the Wikimedia foundation’s helpline for inquiries about donations and also cancelling membership subscriptions. All you need to give is information about donations you have provided, the email address used if donations were made through PayPal and other methods, and full names.

Documents required when requesting for a cancellation from the Wikimedia foundation

Only a few documents are required when cancelling from the Wikimedia foundation:

● ID to show name and proof of being a real citizen

● Email address used

Other similar foundations you can subscribe to

Non-profit charity foundations have been of great help in assisting with various projects. Whether academic or any other assistance, the projects have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Below are some of the best foundations you can subscribe to after cancelling the Wikimedia foundation.

● Bill and Melinda gates foundation


● Doctors without borders foundation

● Direct relief foundation