Coffee Meets Bagel, abbreviated as CMB, is a dating app for anyone looking for a dating partner. By the use of an intelligent algorithm, only suitable matches are provided. You go on an actual date with the right match chosen. Every day you receive bagels or your match selected for you.

After receiving your match, you use our well-researched profiles to get to know your Bagel. Connect and spike a friendly conversation using our well-personalized icebreakers. The moment you find someone who interests you, ask them out. Get a clear understanding of the person you have picked. From there, you can fall in love, but remember to be realistic.

Benefits of Subscribing to Coffee Meets Bagel

You will enjoy the following benefits once you subscribe:

● You get to know when the message is in receipt and when it has been read.
● You get reports on your matches on how often the first messages are sent.
● In discover, every month you get eight free Likes used to like bagels.
● When you purchase in the bean shop, you get a 15% bean bonus.

Coffee Meets Bagel Cancellation Procedures Available

Many reasons leads to cancellation or unsubscribing from Coffee Meets Bagel. We will not mention them today, but you will get them with time. Here is a step-by-step coffee meet bagel cancellation or, rather, unsubscribing from the App.

1. On your device, click on the App to open it, then click on the view information tab to log in. It is in the settings on the App. If you deleted the App, you would be forced to install it again.

2. On the opened App in the setting section, tap on your name.

3. When on the settings section, tap subscription.

4. Still, on the subscription, tap the exact subscription that you wish to manage in the App.

5. Finally, after you are sure of the subscription you want to manage, then tap cancel subscription. If you don’t see cancel subscription link in the App, be sure that the subscription is already cancelled and will never be renewed.

What is required to get a subscription on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Below is the list of what is needed;

Personal Details
● Phone number

Company Details
E-mail: [email protected]
Press inquiries: [email protected]

Similar Companies you can subscribe to are.

One may opt to unsubscribe or cancel from Coffee Meets Bagel for various reasons. It may not be working for him or her. Or maybe another site that offers similar services may be up, and one feels like he should shift to it. Or maybe someone found the right match, and they no longer need the benefits of the company. The choice is up to the person. Here are similar companies one can subscribe to:

● Apply to date
● Bumble
● Facebook Dating
● OkCupid
● Bumble
● Ehamorny
● It is just lunch
● Jdate
● Rekindle