The RSA Group is a major player within the business insurance industry, and is one of the longest standing multinational general insurers. Serving at least 20 million customers in 100 global countries, the insurance provider has been on the market for more than 305 years.

RSA is headquartered in London, UK, focused on offering personal, commercial and specialty insurance products. Services are offered directly and through brokers and affinity partners.

How to Cancel RSA Insurance Cover

If you wish to cancel your policy, you can contact the company at 0345 072 4422 and request for your termination. You will then be asked to provide your policy number and details.

Documents Needed for the Cancellation Process

While you can still cancel your policy, there are documents and details needed to process your termination. These include:

● Registration card
● The member’s personal data
● The policy holder’s ID
● An indication of the expiry of the RSA cover

Also note; the company can cancel a client’s policy, should they fail to pay their premium. If no claim is made, the customer is liable to a refund of the premium for the remaining period of the cover. Should a claim be made, one that cannot be recovered from a third party, the insurer does not give a refund on the premium.

After the renewal of the policy, customers have 12 days to cancel, to which they will then receive a pro rata refund of all premiums paid.

Alternatives to RSA Insurance

The insurance field has plenty of players. It means, therefore, should you chose to terminate your RSA cover, there are several competitors you could rely on. However, before banking on your preferred policy provider, research the reputation of the company, financial capacity, valid coverage, claim handling and power of referrals.

Some of the best alternatives to RSA include:

● Legal & General Group
● Admiral Group
● Insurify
● Towergate Insurance