The Big Issue is a newspaper founded by two individuals: John Bird and Gordon Roddick. It is a street newspaper that is existing for over twenty years now and currently it is published in four continents. The newspaper aims at curbing homelessness at all; costs by offering people who are almost homeless or those who are already homeless a chance to have income.

The newspaper has had its share of criticism from other street newspaper companies, but that has only made the company stronger than before. The Big Issue has won many awards over the years and its growth never seems to stop.

How to Unsubscribe, all the Cancellation Procedures Available

If you wish to cancel your subscription with The Big Issue, notify the company early enough so that they can adjust to the changes as well. You will receive a refund for the magazines you haven’t received yet. You can reach them in two ways: email and through postal address.


You can email them at [email protected]. Sending them an email is faster and you are likely to get a response earlier than when you write to them via their postal address.

Postal Address

Their postal address is The Big Issue, GPO BOX 4911, Melbourne Victoria.

Required Documents/ Personal Details and all Contact Details of the Company

To earn a subscription with the Big Issue magazine, you need the following:

● Declaration that you are 18 years and above and if you are not, proof that you have parental consent to apply for the subscription.

● Name

● Contact Details

● Payment Details

● Delivery Address

List of Similar Companies to Subscribe to

There are plenty of other companies that publish similar newspapers to The Big Issue. All you need to do is contact a research on the different newspapers then you can make your decision on which one you will be subscribing to.

● National Magazine Company Limited

● T1M Group Limited

● H. Bauer Publishing Limited