Direct Line Group is an insurance company that serves clients in the UK and its environs. It is known to have friendly terms and conditions, which why many customers entrust their safety to the company.

If you would wish to cancel your contract with Direct Line Group for some reason, then we have included that procedure for you in this piece. Be sure to follow each step so that the cancellation is concluded within the right time.

How to Unsubscribe

If you have decided to terminate your Direct Line policy, contact the company on 0345 246 8706, and you will be advised accordingly. If you meet the given criteria, you will be allowed to suspend your policy for a certain duration.

For instance, in case your car has been written off due to an accident, and you are yet to acquire a new vehicle, use the same number to contact Direct Line Group. Note that if you suspend your policy, you will still be making monthly payments.

If you end the policy within 14 days of registration, your premium will be returned less the fee for the days that the cover had been given to you.

Required Documents

Direct Line Group, as already said, has a direct sign-up process as long as you provide accurate details. To cancel your contract, you will issue the same details you provided when registering with the company.

You will provide the details of your car and your personal details such as your name, date of birth, location, etc.

To avoid going against the terms of the contract, before you end the contract, it is advisable to go through the same terms one more time. Note that you might be penalized if you don’t follow the right procedure when seeking the termination of the contract.

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