Green Star Energy is a for-profit organisation that supplies renewable energy, gas, and electricity at highly competitive prices. Founded in August of 2001, the company is consistently looking out for market pricing variations to maintain an edge. One of the tariffs, the green energy tariff, is not only affordable but 100% renewable.

It is part of the Shell Energy Retail entity, operating under the Shell Energy UK Limited trading name. Shell acquired it at the end of 2019.

Benefits of Having a Green Star Energy Contract

● Green Star Energy rewards qualifying customers with loyalty points, which can be redeemed for perk rewards. These can be claimed at entertainment retailers, shopping, and dining outlets.

● Additionally, the points can be redeemed for smart and energy-efficient products. This then helps to decrease overall energy consumption, thus saving money, enhancing water conservation, and reducing energy bills. A further 50% discount is extended on energy-saving products!

● As a Green Star Energy customer, it becomes easier to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Selecting the Green Plan of their tariffs means two trees will be planted on your behalf in the UK. This is in alignment to help restore the Amazon forest through existing carbon reduction projects.

How to Unsubscribe from Green Star Energy

Although it is not a requirement to notify the current supplier of any intention to change suppliers, giving a current meter reading to both the new and old energy providers on the day of the service switchover helps ensure that the bills are accurate.

Suppose it is necessary to terminate the contract nonetheless. In that case, it is conveniently done on the phone using the card details and account number. Within the European Union Regulations of 2010 (Consumer Rights Information, Cancellation, and Other Rights), one has the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days of its conclusion. There are exit fees incurred when the contract is terminated prematurely. The company sends a written confirmation to accept the termination request.

Required Documents to Request a Cancellation and Company’s Contact Details

When getting in touch with Green Star Energy to request for termination, the card details and account number issued at inception will be required. Cancellation is made via phone, so no physical documents are required.

Company’s Details

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Telephone: Customer Services +44 800 012 4510

Physical Address:

Shell Energy House,or Green Star Energy,

Westwood Business Park, Elder House,

Westwood Way, 3rd Floor,

Coventry, 596-592 Elder Gate,

England, Milton Keynes,

CV4 8HS.MK9 1LR.

Energy is one of the key components required for survival. We all rely on it for various functions around the home, in offices, and industries. Before cancelling a contract with Green Star Energy, it is wise to weigh the available options, comparing pricing and reliability. The top competitors include:

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● Cold Craft

● Air Treatment

● Taconic Heating and Cooling

● Paramount Heating

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