In 1956, the non-governmental organisation (NGO), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), was established. Its purpose was to provide life-saving humanitarian aid and security to internally displaced people and refugees. It is a leading international organisation focused on humanitarian displacement and is present in forty countries around the world. DRC is supported by seven thousand five hundred volunteers and employs nine thousand people.

Danish Refugee Council is Denmark’s largest NGO with specific expertise in advocating and building sustainable futures for refugees facing forced displacement. The organisation collaborates with civil society and accountable institutions to foster human rights security and peaceful coexistence.

How to Cancel Danish Refugee Council

When one subscribes to funding the NGO, it is a completely voluntary action. This could either be through a one-time payment or a monthly subscription with auto-deductions. To cancel the monthly cash aid contributions, one requires to stop the deduction at the source. This means that if the deductions are from the bank, one will need to stop the standing order.

Danish Refugee Council will not charge any penalties for monetary aid termination as it is a humanitarian action from the funders, not an obligation. It is advisable to inform them of your intention to stop financial assistance.

Documents Needed to Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

The documents required to request a cancellation of providing cash assistance to DRC will depend on the source. That is, the financial institution’s regulations from which the resources have been selected to be deducted. DRC has no part in this.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +45 33 73 50 00

Physical Location (HQ): Danish Refugee Council,Borgergade 10,DK-1300 Copenhagen K,Denmark.

Alternatives to Danish Refugee Council

Several organisations around the world support displaced people and refugees, some of which include:

● International Rescue Committee
● Refugees International
● International Committee of the Red Cross