Skillshare is an open market for learning. Typically, learners play a monthly subscription after a one-month free trial. The classes available on the platform include analytics, finance, web design, videography, photography, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. There is a lot to learn in the platform, and the skills can be fundamental in your day-to-day life. However, it is normal to cancel Skillshare to try alternatives or after acquiring the skill, you wanted.

Documents you need to cancel and Skillshare contact details

Luckily, cancelling a Skillshare subscription is relatively easy, and you don’t need any special information. However, if you have any questions, you can contact Skillshare through the following channels:

• Phone No: (202) 996-8412
• Email address:
• Online chat on the official website

How to cancel Skillshare subscription

Skillshare allows members to cancel a subscription at any time they want, even during the free trial. Your cancellation procedure will depend on your payment method.

PayPal or Credit Card

• Login to your Skillshare account and navigate to settings.
• Select Payments option on the setting menu left side
• Click on the “Cancel Membership” option
• Your cancellation is complete, and you will receive Skillshare premium content until your subscription is over.

iOS App Store or Google Pay

If you subscribed to Skillshare through Google Play or iOS App Store, you would not be eligible to cancel the subscription directly through your Skillshare account. Instead, contact your Google Pay or iOS App Store and ask them to cancel the subscription. They will cancel on your behalf, and you will continue using premium services until your subscription runs out.

Skillshare offers refunds for yearly subscriptions if you contact them within seven days after you’ve been charged. They don’t provide a refund for monthly subscriptions, though.

Alternatives for Skillshare

The internet has ensured that we always have options. Some of the alternatives for Skillshare include:

• Udemy
• edX
• Khan Academy
• LinkedIn Learning
• Udacity