From loans to new hire agreements, HelloSign allows users to electronically request and secure their electronic signatures on any document. These signatures are of business calibre, convenient to use and are legally binding to the parties involved.

HelloSign templates are signature documents that are reusable, and are commonly used for offer letters, sales agreements or NDAs. Creating a template on HelloSign takes place in 4 easy steps which is prepare, send, sign, and manage.

Process of Cancelling a Template on HelloSign

The process of cancelling a template on HelloSign is quite easy. Here is the process.

  • Once you are logged into your account, go on the left side navigation and click “Documents”.
  • Subsequently, click into “Templates” or “Template links”.
  • Find the template that you wish to delete and click on the down arrow located on the template’s far right side.
  • Select “Delete” and your template will be deleted.

Requirements to Delete a HelloSign Template

To delete a HelloSign template, you need to have a working account as well as an active template that needs to be deleted by the user.

Alternatives to HelloSign

Tired of using HelloSign? Here are some alternatives you can consider

  • signNow. This platform has won several e-signature awards and is the best alternative to HelloSign. It is used to send, manage and electronically sign documents.
  • SignEasy. SignEast is a mobile-supported e-signature platform that makes it easier for users to collect signatures.
  • SignRequest. This platform allows you to sign your documents online, and eliminates the time taken in printing, signing and scanning physical documents.
  • Concord. This is one of the simplest platforms where users can collaborate, sign and store agreements.