Slack is a modern way for team communications with fast and well-organized systems, even more, sure than the normal email platforms you use. With more flexible ways to connect with your team, you can decide when and where and get everything synced to how you want them to be.
It is focused on helping businesses grow through sophisticated systems that make work more productive through better structures and organization.

Documentation and Unsubscribing

The unsubscribing process is relatively easy for Slack. For a start, you must understand that deleting the app is not the same as unsubscribing from the service. It doesn’t work since your details will still be available in the application.

You can unsubscribe using your desktop. After logging in, select your profile picture from the top right of the profile. You will then need to navigate to the menu and select the view profile section. Click more and choose the option on account settings.
Move down the window till you locate the Deactivate account option and click it. Then enter your password and choose and confirm it. The final step is to click on the yes option to deactivate my account.

For more information on the cancelling process of your account and any other related information, you can get in touch with the company through their contact sections. You can visit the help centre and send an inquiry to their email. To successfully unsubscribe from the service, you will need to follow the right process, which starts by logging in to your account.

Alternatives to Slack

Just like any other email service, Slack also has its pros and cons. If the cons are dragging you behind, there are other alternatives you can always try. Some of the other options you have included:

  • Google Chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Mattermost
  • Flock
  • Chanty
  • Discord
  • River

These also offer relatively the same type of service with their special features.