Planned Parenthood is a healthcare provider that specializes in reproductive health. The services provided include treating Sexually Transmitted Infections, providing birth control, emergency contraceptives, and abortions. There is a vast network of Planned Parenthood clinics and healthcare centers worldwide.

The healthcare provider is partly supported by well-wishers who give donations. A donor may opt to withdraw their donation subscription.

How to Cancel Planned Parenthood Subscription

There are different ways by which you can stop your subscription to Planned Parenthood. These include directly cancelling the subscription on the website, calling the customer care number, or sending an email.



Send an email to [email protected] with your name and donation details and your subscription withdrawal request.



You can call the number 1.800.430.4907 and speak to a customer service assistant who will lead you on the steps to take to cancel your donor account.


Postal Mail

You can send a letter with your withdrawal request and your account details to the address:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc

Attn: Online Services

P.O. Box 97166

Washington D.C 20090-7166


You can also fill an online form with your contact details and cancellation message and submit it on the website. The online form is on the official website under the Donations button on the homepage.

Documents You Need To Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

Required documents:

  • Personal contact details used to register a donor account.
  • Message detailing the subscription withdrawal.
  • Details of previous donations made

Company’s Details

Email: [email protected]

Physical Address:

123 William Street Tenth Floor

New York, NY 10038


Alternatives to Planned Parenthood

Other healthcare provider alternatives are offering similar services.

Some have cheaper rates than Planned Parenthood, and some have a better response time. Some of the best options are:

Federally Qualified Health Clinic Service Sites

  • CareNet Pregnancy Centers
  • Center For Reproductive Rights