CANCEL YOUR ANY.DO CONTRACT IN SECONDS is an inventive application used by millions of users worldwide to stay organised. In simple terms, the application allows you to create to-do list tasks with deadlines. Users use the application to add and track tasks, create smart lists, set reminders, collaborate on shared tasks and plan their day.

With its easy-to-use interface, the app is ideal for CEOs, students, freelancers, busy parents, employees and all people who would like to manage their time. While the application is free for download, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium plan to enjoy great features. The good news is that the company lets you cancel the plan if you would like to. Follow the following steps to cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Plans

You can cancel your premium features at any moment if you don’t wish to work with them again. Remember that you will access the premium features after cancelling the plan until the end of the billing period. ensures that your account remains under the free status after unsubscribing from the premium plan. Now, cancelling the premium features is simple as you only have to open the application and follow these steps:

  • Click on the top left corner menu
  • Open subscriptions
  • Tap ‘ subscription plan’
  • Click ‘Cancel subscription’

Keep in mind that uninstalling the application, deleting the profile or staying inactive doesn’t act as a form of cancelling your plan.


Everyone is eligible for a refund as long as you request it within 48 hours of the payment processing. will not give any prorated or partial refunds after this period.

Documents You Require to Cancel Policy

You only need access to your email address for identification and authentication purposes. Alternatives

  • Although is an award-winning application, there are a couple of other applications that are up to the task. They include:Trello: the app is flexible, free, easy to use and tracks anything.
    Todoist: It’s easy to use, fast and useful task manager. Millions of individuals across the world rely on this app.
    Quire – as one of the best cloud-based management apps, Quire’s objective is to help an organisation stay organised at all times.