OkCupid is an international dating site meant for men and women looking for soulmates. Users can open free accounts or choose to pay a fee to enjoy premium services. If you have used OkCupid some time and have found a partner, then you might have a reason to end your subscription.

Benefits of Having the Subscription

OkCupid is one of the best dating sites you can ever join. The website has a variety of women and men from different parts of the world.

The company operates on friendly terms and conditions that anyone can easily adhere to. In case you choose to end your subscription, you can easily do that in no time.

The other perk about OkCupid is that it is regulated, which makes it a safe website for everyone. Once you sign up, you will only find genuine people to interact with.

In case there is an issue that needs solving, the support team will be there with you every step of the way.

How to Unsubscribe

If you signed up using a website, you are supposed to log into your account, head to the settings page to see your subscription. From there, to opt-out, click on “Turn off automatic billing,” and you are good to go.

There are separate steps to follow if you signed up using an Android or iOS


Head to your iPhone settings, go to your name and move to iTunes & App Store. Click on your Apple ID on top of your screen, and then select View Apple ID (you should be signed in to do this).

Scroll to see your subscriptions and select those you would like to manage, and tap “Cancel Subscription.”


In case you subscribe using your Google Play Store Account, open and see if you signed in to the right Google Account. Head to the left and open “My Subscription.” Choose the one you would like to cancel and click “Manage and then Cancel Subscription.”

Required Documents of Personal Details

If you have decided to complete the registration process, there are things you must do. Since OkCupid is a genuine website, to open an account with them, you must be honest at all times.

For your registration to be approved, you must use your real email address, name, and phone number. They will send you a verification code to your phone number and or email address to verify that it is you.

Also, the site only lets you have one account with them. Your membership will be terminated if you attempt to open an account using different details.

List of Similar Companies

If you cancel your OkCupid subscription and would like to find another good dating site, then you might want to try;

● Coffee Meets Bagel
● Hinge
● Tinder
● Bumble