E is a Birmingham-based British-owned energy company. For their customers, they make sure that everything is clear and straightforward. The company’s primary goal is to keep prices down so that its customers can pay less and save money.

E is a relatively new supplier, having been established in 2014. About 300,000 people have used E as of 2021, making it a viable alternative to larger gas and electricity providers. E’s emphasis is on offering affordable tariffs.

Benefits of Having an E Contract


● Top-Up Accessibility: Topping up for gas and electricity can be done conveniently at any Payzone and Paypoint outlet or via the mobile app from the convenience of one’s home.

● Loyalty Bonus: The loyalty bonus program rewards loyal customers who stay for at least twelve months. Once this period elapses, the electricity metre gets credit worth £50 (terms and conditions apply).

● Mobile-Friendly: Calls to their customer service are not charged separately but are a part of the inclusive minutes’ package.

● Availability of Emergency Credit: Each meter comes with emergency credit, giving one peace of mind.

● Smart Meters: These meters are intended to help save energy, money, and time by providing insights into individual appliance usage. The in-home display indicates the energy amount in use, metering both gas and electricity consumption in real-time.

● No Standing Fees: Payment is only for usage. No standing charges are calculated if there’s no electricity or gas in use.

● Referral Bonus: Referring a friend to E services attracts a bonus of £20.

● No Exit Fees: Termination of contract does not incur charges; instead, the company encourages loyalty without penalty.

How to Unsubscribe from E


Energy supply ceases upon receipt of a written termination notice or once another energy supplier starts to service the property. A contract can be cancelled for whatever reason though payment for already utilized energy must be paid in full. Upon termination, the company reserves the right to withhold and discretionary, emergency, and friendly credit facility. This information is relayed to the customer at least 48 hours before activation.

If termination is initiated by the company due to a breach of contract from the customer, the customer will be liable for all cutting off expenses. Termination fees do not apply if the contract ends up to 49 calendar days before the end of a fixed-term tariff duration.

Required Documents to Request a Cancellation and Company’s Contact Details


To terminate a contract with E, the original written company agreement and individuals government-issued identification documents are required. Also, the last billing and proof of payment.


Company’s Details


Email:[email protected]


Telephone: — Customer Helpline 0333 103 9575


Physical Address:

E, T3

Trinity Park


B37 7ES

Alternatives to E


Gas and electricity suppliers in the UK vary in affordability and reliability. Switching suppliers is not a complicated process though one needs to confirm if there are termination penalties from the current provider. Alternative affordable suppliers of E include:


● Octopus Energy

● Avro

● Outfox the Market

● Scottish Power