If you are thinking about closing a service, you might have a lot of questions regarding this topic. Fortunately, we are here to help you and we are pleased to answer all of your questions.

Do you have any relationship with the providers listed in howtocancel.com?

No, we are external service providers that help people to close different accounts and cancel subscriptions. We have no direct relationship with none of the providers.


Can you make the provider which I am trying to cancel the service from give me my money back?

We can ask for a refund on your behalf where possible. However, we cannot guarantee they are giving you your money back since the provider of the service you want to cancel is the one that makes the final decision.

Why do you need my personal information and my account details when I ask for the cancellation request form?

Since we are external service providers, we have no access to your account information unless we ask it from you. In order to assure the cancellation, we need to send the provider the correct information of your account so they know which account they should close and show them we are entitled to cancel the service.

Notice that if you do not want to share that information with us, we won’t be able to help you cancel the service. However, we will try to process the cancellation of the service with the information provided.

I have not been able to find my Client Number and it is one of the required fields to cancel the service. Is this Number necessary?

If you have not been able to find your Client or Membership Number, you shouldn’t worry. This number is not essential and it won’t make the service cancellation process any difficult or slow.

How can I sign my cancellation service letter?

The Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services establishes that any signature which has been created electronically has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. You can find the option to register your electronic signature on our webpage.

Is the information included in my cancellation service letter confidential?

Yes, it is. Protecting your privacy and acting in accordance with the law are two of our main priorities. That is why we can assure you we follow the Organic Law of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data which guarantees the protection of personal data of natural persons. Acting against this law has serious consequences. You can use our services with absolute confidence since your personal information won’t be shared with or read by third parties.

How do I know in which stage my letter is?

Once your letter is sent, you will receive an email including your assigned tracking code. Use this tracking code as many times as you want to check in which stage your letter is.

Is it okay not having received any confirmation email yet?

If you have not received any confirmation email yet, you should have a look in your Spam folder. In case you are sure you have not received the email, contact us and we will find a solution.

What can I do if my contract has not been cancelled yet?

If you have any questions about your contract cancellation, you should check on the cancellation terms included in the contract and contact the company or organization from which you want to unsubscribe directly.

What can I do if they do not want to proceed with my cancellation letter process due to the use of electronic signature?

If the company from which you are trying to close an account does not want to accept your cancellation letter impeding yourself to unsubscribe from their services, you should look for legal support in order to protect your rights since they are not following Decree 149-2013 on Electronic Signatures approved on July 30, 2013. The decree establishes that electronic signatures are as valid as the handwritten ones.

Can I cancel my contract for free?

Yes, you can cancel the contract yourself by giving written notice to the company or contacting the provider in person. We offer some guides to help you cancel your contracts on your own. However, you should know that this might be a time-consuming process.

Our paid service is an alternative for those people who do not want to take the trouble of having to undergo the paperwork process. You have no obligation to hire our paid service to cancel your subscription, it is just an option.
Many people enjoy the comfort our services offer and that is why they decide to do it this way.

How much does the cancellation service cost?

We charge a base rate of £26.50.

Why is it necessary to pay for this amount to cancel my subscription?

We charge a small fee for the service to our clients. This fee helps us offer the cancellation service and having a client support staff to help you cancel your contracts.

Besides, we also need to send certified mails, faxes and collect external data and the fee helps to cover any general expenses. We are as any other service provider that you could hire.

Many people choose to use our services in order to help them cancel their subscriptions easily. We offer a professional cancellation service where you do not have to take the trouble of having to reach the providers directly.

Once I pay for the service and my service cancellation request form is sent, will my account be immediately cancelled?

In order to have an account completely cancelled it is necessary to wait for several days or weeks. This will depend on the type of service you want to cancel. Let’s be clear: there are no contract cancellations with immediate effect.
After the submission of your request, one of our cancellation experts will contact you within 72 working hours via email in order to get all the detailed information required to cancel the service. We will also include the estimated time that we will need to process your service cancellation. It is very important that you include your email address in your cancellation form since that is the channel we are going to use to contact you.