Save the Children is a charity organization established 100 years ago to help the world’s most vulnerable children survive, learn, and be protected. They are present in over 117 countries, and they have saved tens of millions of children for over a century.

Save the Children provides these children with shelter, food, and other basic needs when they need it most. Additionally, through their advocacy, they have managed to secure these children’s rights and give them a comfortable livelihood.

Benefits of subscribing to Save the Children

Through funds you donate to Save the Children, you can be able to assist helpless children in the following ways:
1. Provide vulnerable children with basic needs
2. Securing and advocating for children’s rights
3. Protect the children from harassment and mistreatment
4. Protect the children from harsh climate crisis in vulnerable regions of the world

Documents necessary to cancel Save the Children and contact details of the organization

As earlier established, Save the Children is a charity organization that aims to help vulnerable children. Therefore, you can donate money to the organization on a one-time basis, or you can arrange for an account to be set up from which you can be making monthly donations. Alternatively, you can opt to sponsor a child for the long haul.

If you want to cancel your account with this charity organization, all you will need is your credit card information and your Save the Children account details.

Contact information
When cancelling your account, the phone will probably be your first pick. Therefore, here is the phone number of a live agent and the email address:
• Phone number-1-800-728-3843
• Or email; [email protected]

How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe in two ways. The first way is by way of phone and the second way is by sending an email.

By way of phone
1. Call the number provided above and wait in order for a customer service agent to receive it.
2. Talk to the agent about unsubscribing and cancelling your account.
3. Give them your account information.
4. Lastly, ask the agent for a confirmation email. Keep it as proof you have unsubscribed as a donor.

By email
1. Send an email to the stated email address detailing your cancellation request. Also, provide your account information.
2. Make sure to ask for a confirmation email so that you can keep it as proof.

Similar organizations to subscribe to

Other organizations that you can donate to include:
• ChildHelp
• Children’s Institute
• Defence for Children
• KidsRights