Are you looking for a well-equipped gym in the UK to sign up for? PureGym is one place that offers affordable memberships for anyone who wants to do their workouts. Furthermore, their experienced trainers help in the fitness journey and you can enrol anytime. However, if you want to move to another country or city, it is reasonable to terminate your membership to avoid the alerts.

PureGym gives arrange of options for members and they have great offers for guests. They have quality kits that you can use in cardio or weight gain, depending on what you want to achieve.

When it comes to health and fitness, then this is the UK’s best gym. You can achieve your dream body in a short span once you enrol in PureGym. Here are some of its pros:

● They have gym branches across UK

No contract when enrolling

● They open for 24 hours

Experienced trainers

● Wide range of high quality equipment

● Additional free classes on membership

This gym gives a perfect experience and you can stream workout videos to use at home. You only need to pay for the membership on their online website.

How to cancel PureGym

PureGym has no free trials. You have to buy the passes to try out. Besides, to be a member you have to pick the pass you can handle to gain access. This is limited to people of 16 years and above. Besides, fixed memberships run for up to one year, which is not refundable once you exit.

Nonetheless, if you want to cancel your membership, then you can do it on their website. In less than 60 days, you can have a free termination while a 3-12 month membership is done at a fee of £6.99. This can apply from the day you make payment, thus the need to an advance notice.

Cancelling the memberships

If you had a fixed membership with PureGym, don’t worry much about how to end it. The support team is ready to help. Moreover, you get a 50% refund after it to counter for the remaining days. Although, the PLUS services get cancelled as they are part of the membership.

They can cancel the direct debit at your convenience with your bank. Do it days earlier to avoid payment to the gym account. You don’t need any documents to make any cancellation. Just click on their website. You are in control of it. Follow the instructions given.

Corporate memberships termination involve informing the third party that signed you in. This ensures that the membership fee is not paid without your use of the gym services.

Other available gyms

PureGym allows you to freeze for 3months only, then you can have your membership again. However, other gyms can be an alternative if need be. They are:

● Bannatyne fitness

● David Lloyd Leisure

● The Gym Group