EDF is one of Britain’s largest generators of carbon-free electricity. They are a company that works to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions in Britain and the rest of the world. EDF harnesses its power from 35 wind farms in Britain.

Additionally, they have two other wind farms that are off-shore. The wind farms ensure sustainable clean energy, which can serve many over an extended period. That is not all, EDF owns Europe’s most enormous operational battery storage unit, a technology used to make renewable sources of energy more sustainable and reliable.

Benefits of EDF Energy

Besides saving the environment by using energy with zero carbon emissions, you can save some money if you keep your subscription to EDF energy. They have the lowest prices as compared to their competition. Here are other benefits of EDF energy:

• Also, no energy price rises for 24 months. That means you will not have to deal with hiked energy prices in the middle of the month, thus ruining your budget allocations.

• EDF has offers that run all year round. Currently, you can get six months of free subscription if you buy an annual boiler maintenance and support plan. Doing so can save you a vast some of money while also ensuring constant maintenance of the boiler

• Good customer care services are essential for any business to succeed. That is why EDF has a helpful customer care desk that is always available.

• EDF also loves new clients, therefore, when you refer a friend, and they get on the wagon, EDF will credit both of your accounts with 50 pounds.

Documents required when requesting cancellation of subscription and all contact details of the company.

Cancelling your subscription with EDF is just as easy as signing up. Your EDF Energy account number, debit card information, postal address, and the contract for cancellation are all you will need. You can download the contract from their website, or they can send a copy to your home address upon request.

You will then need to fill in this form, and you are all set. However, you must be warned that there is an exit fee of 25 pounds for each fuel if you terminate the contract three months before the tariff expiry date.

Contact details
There are several ways of getting in touch with EDF; the first way is via email. Their email address is [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call them on 0808 101 5188.

How to unsubscribe from EDF energy

The minimum time required to request a cancellation of the contract is 14 days. That means after two weeks of subscribing to their services, you may now opt-out.
The first way to unsubscribe is by sending them an email at [email protected]. They will then reply with a form that you must fill up and return through the same email order.

The other way is by giving them a call on the mentioned number. They are open from Monday to Friday between 8 am-5 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

The last way of cancelling the contract is by downloading the form, filling it in and returning it to this freepost address, FREEPOST: EDF ENERGY-PLYMOUTH.

Similar Companies to Subscribe to

If you are unsatisfied with EDF energy services, you can always seek other options.

Here are some alternatives:

• Enel Green Power
• Npower
• Axpo
• CEZ Group