Ecotricity is a firm based in Britain, and it deals with green energy. The firm mainly deals with wind energy, and they produce a significant amount of power annually. Ecotricity uses windmills. For some people, the term wind turbine is more appropriate. Ecotricity mainly reinvests its profits such that the firm can manage to generate more green energy.

Dale Vince founded the firm in 1995. He started with one windmill, which he would use to power a particular army truck that would serve as his home. With time, he managed to come up with equipment that would monitor the wind. In 1996, Ecotricity had a 40-meter turbine that would be used to generate power. Vince has had the honour of interacting with the likes of Richard Branson. While engaging Branson, Vince talked about how climate change is a major problem, which is why Ecotricity has mainly focused on the production of green energy.

Benefits of having this contract/subscription

When you opt for green energy, you help to fight off climate change. Ecotricity can supply you with both gas and electricity if you want to fully transition to green energy. The gas usually is carbon neutral. The money you remit monthly as per the energy bills helps to create a greener Britain. When you invest in new energy sources that focus on green energy, you’re making a massive difference in terms of protecting the environment.

Required documents/personal details and all contact details of the company

Ecotricity usually collects the personal details of each client. The personal data helps to identify each client. The data can be collected, used, stored, and transferred by Ecotricity.

You need to provide your identity data that includes the first name, maiden name, and last name, for starters. You’ll also provide additional details such as marital status, gender, date of birth, and username.

Contact data is also mandatory, and it comprises supply address, billing address, telephone numbers, and email address. Financial data requested by Ecotricity includes bank account details or any data relating to your card. You might also be requested to provide information about your health. The company usually makes it clear why you need to provide all this personal information.

How to unsubscribe

In this section, we’ll focus on the available cancellation procedures. You can get in touch with Ecotricity through their email c[email protected] or send a cancellation form to their office indicating that you have opted out for a particular reason. You’ll issue details such as your full names, account number, and address. You’ll then receive an email from the firm confirming that your cancellation has been processed successfully.

List of similar companies to subscribe to

After opting out of Ecotricity, you might ask yourself which other firms offer similar services. You might subscribe to the services of the company’s competitors, including EDF Energy, OVO, British Gas, Utility Warehouse, and Pod Point. Each of these companies has a huge employee and client base, and they usually offer quality services.

We have managed to talk about Ecotricity and how the company deals with green Energy, mainly wind energy, to ensure there is environmental sustainability. If you want to cancel your subscription, we’ve also delved into that in detail.