Bell car insurance is part and parcel of Admiral Group. Admiral has been in the industry for over two decades, and they are focused on insuring drivers with black box technology. Merely put, the company will install a unique black box to your car and your behaviour while driving the car comes in handy in determining the price you’ve to pay for its insurance.

The company removes the black box after three months, and you have chances of enjoying a discount if you handled the vehicle as it should be. On the other hand, you will pay a high insurance price if they find out that you have a high risk of causing an accident. Now, if you are looking forward to cancelling your Bell insurance plan, here’s how you can do it.

How to Cancel Bell Insurance

Bell insurance allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that some fees may apply, particularly when you unsubscribe after the 14 cooling-off period. Keep in mind that vehicle insurance is a legal requirement. So, Bell will automatically renew your policy after its expiration.

Cancelling within 14 Days

If you’re planning to cancel your plan, you have to contact the company directly. As said above, you will incur the expenses of setting up your plan and planning for it to be cancelled if you decide to cancel it within the first 14 days following the start of a new policy. Also, you’ll incur fees when you unsubscribe before the policy starts.

Cancelling after 14 Days

If your policy has not expired, Bell will charge you the setup and cancellation expenses if you cancel their policy after the 14 days cooling-off period. The company charges you for the entire period covered.

Documents You Need When Unsubscribing from Bell Insurance

  • Your policy number
  • Your payment method
  • Your bank details

Bell Insurance Alternatives

Direct Line DrivePlus

In this policy, drivers under 25 can enjoy an upfront discount, and there’s no curfew. Also, the insurance has a mobile application and online portal, making it easy for you to contact them.

Tesco Box Insurance

The policy is ideal for drivers aged between 17 and 29, and the company requires you to pick a specific number of miles.